Joey Coulter

  • Date of Birth: June 8, 1990
  • Hometown: Miami Springs, Florida
  • Residence: Concord, North Carolina

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Coulter & Theriault Re-Design and Re-Define...


Mooresville, North Carolina: Today, two notable names in the NASCAR and short track arena, Joey Coulter and Austin Theriault, announced their new business venture within the motorsports industry. DriveRefine was established...

Brandon Overton Joins Rum Runner Racing


We are blending things up at Rum Runner Racing for 2019. That’s right blending not shaking. You don’t shake a rum runner. Shaking is for martinis. Most of you reading this probably already know about the...

2018 Mid-Late Season Update


2018 Late Season Update
I can’t believe it either! We are already more than halfway through the 2018 racing season. We have run right at 30 races so far and have 15 to go on our schedule as it sits right now....

2 P-Two’s in 2 races in 2 days for the #Two Get...


For a lot of reasons, this weekend’s performance was just flat out good. Something that we have been focusing on is consistency throughout the night at the track. I think we can go ahead and check that box off...

  • Coulter & Theriault Re-Design and Re-Define Driver Coaching
  • Brandon Overton Joins Rum Runner Racing
  • 2018 Mid-Late Season Update
  • 2 P-Two’s in 2 races in 2 days for the #Two Get IT"
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Joey Coulter Launches CIV Driver Optimization

A large percentage of race car drivers know how to drive, and, for the most part, they know how to race. What separates the good drivers from the champion drivers is optimizing utilizations of the tools that are available to them.

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