Brandon Overton Joins Rum Runner Racing

11/27/2018 Brandon Overton Joins Rum Runner Racing

We are blending things up at Rum Runner Racing for 2019. That’s right blending not shaking. You don’t shake a rum runner. Shaking is for martinis. Most of you reading this probably already know about the news that is coming because let’s face it, no one in motorsports can keep a secret. It was fun trying though. 

Brandon Overton. Yes “Big Sexy” will be in the Rum Runner Racing #2 in 2019. No. I did not get fired from my own team and no I am not retiring, hanging up my helmet, or taking up basket weaving. My family and I however are moving to Texas. My wife Jessica has received a huge opportunity to grow in her position at Simpson handling the Stilo brand. This position requires she work out of the corporate office in New Braunfels Texas. I will run a part time schedule that will be figured out and announced at a later date.

  Here is what Big Sexy has to say about 2019…
“Just want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point in my career. Really grateful to be given this opportunity. Looking forward to working with Harold, Joey and the whole Coulter family and trying to make this my best year so far.”

We are really excited about bringing Brandon over to the #2. Brandon has worked with Harold and I for years, regardless of the team Brandon has driven for. Brandon brings a lot of experience to the table as well as a no quit attitude that will fit right in with all of us at Rum Runner Racing. 

There are still a lot of details that have to be ironed out but here is what I can tell you for sure. 
1) Brandon Overton will be the full-time driver of the #2 for Rum Runner Racing 
2) I am going to run a handful of races to be determined later.
3) Harold Holly will remain the crew chief 
4) We are switching back to Rocket Chassis
a. Brandon has had a lot of success in a Rocket and Steve Baker has a great system in place that will allow us to race as much as we want without the concern of not having replacement parts on demand. 
5) Rum Runner Racing will continue to be powered by Cornett Racing Engine 430ci Ford motors equipped with Willy’s Superbowl carburetors

Brandon and I both will be at the PRI show the 7th & 8th with media availability scheduled for Friday December 7th from 12:30pm till 1:00pm at the Willy’s Performance booth #3933 in the yellow hall to answer any questions.

-Joey “CIV” Coulter-