2018 Mid-Late Season Update

8/29/2018 2018 Mid-Late Season Update

2018 Late Season Update
I can’t believe it either! We are already more than halfway through the 2018 racing season. We have run right at 30 races so far and have 15 to go on our schedule as it sits right now. Don’t lock that number in though. It will change. That said, lets pass things off to my stat guy. He will fill you in on our results through the 30 races that we have run so far. 

“In the 30 races that CIV has competed in so far this year, he and his team have racked up 1 win, 9 top 5’s, and 19 top 10’s. The team has used around 10 gallons of Molecule Detailer, 15 gallons of Molecule Cleaner, 5 gallons of Molecule Wash, and 3 gallons of Molecule Refresher. At this time, I would like to request that Joey use more Molecule Refresher from now till the end of the year. Rum Runner Racing has also consumed over 40 poptarts, 200 bottles of water. As far as toilet paper goes, the team has…” (sound of door slamming loudly)

Ok thanks stat guy that’s enough. Nitwit. Sorry about all the extra details, he can get a little over-saturated. I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far this year. As competitive as we are, it could be easy to just look at the number of wins and say we haven’t had a great year… that we haven’t accomplished what we set out to do this year. Two things. One. The season is NOT over. This is a late season update. Two. We have earned more top 10’s this year than I have earned in my entire dirt super late model career. We know we are making real progress.

Among other things, we have also found ourselves in the middle of a very tight points battle for the Ultimate Super Late Model Championship. Right now, we are 3rd in championship points, 20pts out of the lead, with an undetermined number of races to go. Undetermined? Yes. Take that up with mother nature. Or you can blame it on Kelly Carlton like I do. Hi Kelly. I have to give him a hard time because he’s in charge and Miss Ultimate would get mad if I blamed it on her. 

Looking at the rest of the schedule, I can’t help but get fired up. Many of the tracks we have run great at and for some reason this part of the year is when we really shine. I want to thank everyone that has been involved so far this year for everything. Broward Armature & Generator, Molecule, Simpson Race Products, Torch Eyeware, fishwithme.net, Willys Carb & Dyno, Wiles Driveshafts, SoVa Motion, SoVa Data, Airshok, Race-Fan, Hank Thomas Sunoco, Longhorn Chassis, and Cornett Racing Engines. I know none of you think you do enough but your are a huge part of our team and our success. Thank you!