2 States. 3 Tracks. $13,000. What could go wrong.

4/17/2018 2 States. 3 Tracks. $13,000. What could go wrong.

So far this season, mother nature has done a great job making sure tracks across the country are shall we say… Oversaturated. With all the rain-outs putting a damper on our schedule (pun intended) we are doing our best to make up for it. 

This weekend we are planning on a triple header. We will kick off the weekend Friday night with Carolina Clash Series at Carolina Speedway for the $5,000 to win Skyler Trull Memorial, that was postponed due to weather earlier this season. I have a somewhat of a love/hate relationship with this track. We have always found ways to be fast and competitive but haven’t been able to put a trophy on the shelf. I am not one to blame things on bad luck, but Carolina Speedway has tested those limits for sure. Hopefully, my mind will be changed on Friday night.

Saturday night we will jump back on the Ultimate Super Late Model tour and head to Dixie Speedway in Woodstock Ga. for the $4,000 to win event. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the music festival Woodstock, but I hear it’s still a fun place. This will be my first time at Dixie Speedway and according to Harold, “the last time I was there was there, you weren’t born yet.” If that’s the case, its been at least 27.75 years. 

Whether the weekend is a triple or double header relies on what mother nature has in store for Sunday. If all goes well, we will stay with the Ultimate Series for the $4,000 to win even at Rome Speedway. The more I make the trip to this track the more like it. It’s the perfect size for the shape that it is and that’s what makes it so fun to race on. The last time we were there, we were putting on a solid top 10 performance before a late race flat tire took us out of contention. We were able to rally back to a top 15 finish with only a few laps remaining. 

I have high hopes and expectations for this weekend. Harold and I have been working on a lot and have been making huge gains over the past month or so. For as long as we have worked together, I am still amazed at the chemistry that we have when it comes to working on racecars. Now that most of the time it is just us two at the track, I think we are clicking even better. Just so you know, that’s a compliment and thank you to Harold for all his hard work. Its also a warning to all out competitors. I have a feeling business is about to pick up. See you at the track.