2 P-Two’s in 2 races in 2 days for the #Two Get IT"

5/30/2018 2 P-Two’s in 2 races in 2 days for the #Two Get IT"

For a lot of reasons, this weekend’s performance was just flat out good. Something that we have been focusing on is consistency throughout the night at the track. I think we can go ahead and check that box off now. 

Friday night at 311 Speedway for the Bill Hicks Memorial, we started the night off with qualifying 2nd overall and 1st in group A against the stars of the Ultimate Super Late Model Series. When the race got started early Saturday morning, like 1:30am early, we lead the opening 25 or so laps of the race. A late caution bunched us up late and I learned quickly that I used up my 1350 Hoosiers too much too soon. The 55 did a great job taking advantage of that. Hats off to Benji and his guys on their 1st super win. That is a great feeling for sure. All in all, it was a solid night. We gained some points on the leaders and now sit 3rd in Ultimate Super Late Model points, 17 back from 1st. 

Sunday night we joined the Carolina Clash Series at Cherokee Speedway for the $5,000 to win, 40 lap, Mike Butler Memorial. Long story short, we brought the #2 home in 2nd place for the 2nd race in a row. Not a win like we wanted, but man is it hard not to be excited about the kind of consistency that we have going right now. The last time we were at Cherokee Speedway was for the World of Outlaws event a few weeks ago. We left that race knowing there was plenty of room to improve. After this race, I think we took a huge step forward. 

Throughout the course of this year, we have had bursts of speed. My dad calls them moment of brilliance. I say a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Call it what you want, the bottom line is putting an entire race together, then an entire night, then an entire weekend has become our focus. In both events over the weekend, we qualified on the front 2 rows with very competitive qualifying times. In the features we ran at the front the entire race and finished there as well. Now that we have proven that we can do that, lets see if we can tie a couple months of races together. Based on the rhythm that Harold and I are in right now, I think its very possible to do. 

Next up on our schedule is a double header with the Ultimate Super Late Model Series. Friday night we will be at the Ultimate/Clash co-sanctioned event at Carolina Speedway, where we picked up the Skylar Trull Memorial win a few weeks ago. Saturday night we head down to the HUGE Lancaster Speedway to round out our weekend. Keep up with us on twitter, facebook, Instagram and snapchat if you are feeling brave. Got a lot of cool things coming soon! -Joey-